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How to use PayPal to receive money even if your country is not supported

PayPal is the fast, easy way to send and receive money  in Bangladesh or internationally. Paypal have a serious role in any professional bloggers success. Paypal is free to use and you only need to have a bank account and a credit card to have total control over your account. With paypal you can,
  • Send and receive money worldwide
  • Do online shopping
  • Accept credit/ debit cards
  • Use it as a payment method
There are advertiser programs like Google adsense who pays via bank check but to get a check you have to wait for your money to grow until it reaches $100. With my experience and which I learned from other bloggers, it takes over a year to reach $100 from adsense. And there are also other delivery problems.
80% of the advertisers don’t pay via bank checks and if they pay, they don’t pay you in your country like Bangladesh.
So moving to PayPal may open up lots of opportunities just like it helped me to Earn Money Online from Bangladesh.
The bad news is that paypal is not available in Bangladesh but soon they will be here.

So how to use PayPal in Bangladesh or in my country?

PayPal will be available in Bangladesh soon so does that means you should stop blogging now? Of course not and I didn’t stopped yet. An easy way to use paypal is to get help from your any reliable relative who is in other country.
You may have lots of relatives in USA, UK, Canada or any other country that supports paypal. Just use their paypal account to receive money, if they don’t have any account, tell them to create one or help them to create it.
They have to add their bank account and credit card to have access in the account. When you sign up for any advertiser, use the paypal email address and every time you will get paid to the paypal account.
Your relative will then withdraw the amount from paypal to their bank account and then they will send it to your address via any money transfer service like western union.
  • You need to have a good relationship with your foreign relative to do this job
  • Amount can be withdrawn to bank when a valid bank account is being added
  • You can spend the money online if the account has a credit/ debit card added
  • It takes 5 business days to send money from paypal to bank account inside USA and takes up to 7 days outside of USA
  • Bank and paypal will charge an amount of each currency conversation like USD to TK or GBP to USD
  • You can send and receive money with different accounts of paypal for free
  • You don’t have to own a bank account, just your foreign relative will have to own one
  • There may be different rules and services among different countries of PayPal
If you have any further questions or faced some difficulties, ask for my help anytime.

3 Earn Money with Paid To Click PTC

With PAID TO CLICK concept, you earn money for browsing websites (sponsored sites); there are other concepts like paid to surf, paid to view and paid to search. Frankly speaking, these sites are big time wasters because the amount they pay is very little comparing to the time you spend for each unit of ad. One of the popular PTC site where you can earn good amount of money is

9. Earn Money Online with Freelancing

Advertisers are looking forward to bring their campaign go viral with twitter advertising. You don’t even need a website/ blog to earn money with twitter. Read the step by step guide on twitter to learn how it works; there are many companies who work with twitter advertising like Be-A-Magpie.

A step by step guide for new twitter users

Twitter is a social networking tool with a very simple concept. It’s always a stupid thing before you start to use it. I’m creating this series about Twitter and how to use it for fun, traffic and profit.
If you’re watching your friends talking about twitter and you want to give it a try, let’s begin. Trust me, twitter is a great experience and even great when you’ll use it!
On this very first post, I’m talking about the basics of this wonderful social tool. Twitter has become one of the most popular things of the web to connect with people around you. Read what they say,
“Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”
Go to and sign up for your free account by clicking, “Get Started Now
Type your full name, username, password and email address, continue to next step. You can now use your email address book to check which of your friends are on twitter.
Now on this screen, you can select some people to Follow. A follow means you can read what others are writing. You’ll see those updates on your dashboard.

After clicking “Finish” you’ll see your twitter dashboard. This is the place to see your friend’s updates and write your own messages. Now on the top of the text box, “What are you doing?” write your message. You’re allowed to write 140 characters per update.
You can click on the “Profile” from the top menu to see your profile. Your twitter profile address is

Before you update your status few more times, let’s do some work. Go to “settings” or and complete your profile with your name, time zone, web address, location and a short bio. -click “save
Go to “picture” tab or from the same window and upload a square image for your profile. -now that’s cool!

You can also search for people you know by clicking “Find People” or and start to

Receive money in Bangladesh with the Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard from oDesk

Have you read my past article about freelancing with odesk? You can earn money online as a freelancer via odesk and that’s some serious money making. Getting paid from odesk is even more easier because there are 5 options to receive money from odesk. You can withdraw your earnings through MoneyBookers, can deposit the money to your bank account and of course the paypal option is available.
One of the greatest method for Bangladeshi’s and the countries that doesn’t supports paypal is the Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard from odesk.
Receive money in Bangladesh with the Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard from oDesk

What is the Payoneer prepaid debit mastercard?

It’s just like any other credit cards, it’s physical card (not virtual), it operates like any other plastic card,
it’s prepaid (debit card) and you don’t need any bank account to have it. It’s linked to your odesk profile and can withdraw your odesk earnings to the debit card.

How to apply for odesk Mastercard?

Go to the payment methods in odesk and click to sign up for:  oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer. Submit your user details, fill up the form correctly and then you have to submit a security document. 2nd address is the address where payoneer will send you the mastercard. You can use the same as your billing address or can use your prefered shipping address. On the 3rd part of the form, you will be asked to enter your passport number/ drivers license/ number of the national ID card (voter ID card)
After submitting the application, payoneer will verify your details and will determine if you are eligible to receive the oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer.
Once your applicatin gets approved, they will send you the card through regular postal mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of goofs about the odesk Payoneer debit mastercard here in Bangladesh.. I saw a lot of threads in forums about this topic, so here’s a FAQ sheet I have produced,
  • Q: Can I apply for the oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer before earning/ getting a job from odesk?
  • A: Yes you can apply even without earning from odesk, but I don’t think Payoneer will approve your application because the only benefit they are getting is the monthly charge from your account. If there’s no earnings, it’s worthless to have the mastercard.
  • Q: Can I apply and receive the oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer from Bangladesh?
  • A: Yes you can and there are more than 2000 providers working from BD at odesk.
  • Q: How long will it take to receive oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer in Bangladesh?
  • A: The odesk debit card will be sent to your address through regular mail (not any express mail service like FedEx or UPS) and it will take 20-25 days to arrive to your address in Bangladesh.
  • Q: What are the withdrawal & monthly charges of oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer?
  • A: Minimum withdrawal amount to your debit card from odesk is $20 and fee is $2 per withdrawal. $3 is the monthly charge from your debit card. Read more details here about payoneer mastercard charges and fees.
  • Q: Where can I find an ATM to withdraw money with oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer in Bangladesh?
  • A: You can use any ATM in Bangladesh to withdraw money with your debit card. The oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer supports most of the ATM’s near your area including Dutch Bangla Bank DBBL ATM booths. In Dhaka, there are lots of ATM’s available to withdraw money.
  • Q: Can I use oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer to purchase online/ pay for services on the internet?
  • A: Yes you can.
  • Q: Isn’t the fees and charges of oDesk Debit MasterCard powered by payoneer are higher?
  • A: If you earn that much amount each week, then it won’t bother you to pay the charges. At least you are receiving a great quality service for such low fees.

Start your freelancing career with oDesk – An odesk review for beginners

On March 2010, one of my twitter follower asked me if I can help him out designing a website for his company. I lost that opportunity because of a portfolio and then I decided to create my own web design website. I spent a few days designing a new website and on June 2010, I found a website called oDesk.

What is oDesk?

oDesk is a marketplace where freelance workers post their resume, portfolio and buyers look for ideal providers to help with different task. On odesk, there’s a lot of opportunities; from data entry to graphics design, from virtual assistant to project manager, from website developer to creative media works. No matter what you can do, you can join for free and work with this platform.

Getting started

After checking out the site, I quickly googled them and I found a lot of reviews. I went to read a negative review about odesk and found that odesk really works and you can build great online career as well as a nice income opportunity. After that I signed up for odesk and created my work profile.

How it works?

Signing up for odesk is free of cost and for buyers, they can sign up and post their job for free. At odesk, you have to search for different jobs, apply and wait if your buyer hires you. Buyers can also search for providers in the marketplace.

Job types: Fixed price and Hourly

odesk, fixed price and hourly jobsThere are two sort of odesk jobs; one is fixed price which means your buyer wants you to do this job and will pay you when you complete the task. Fixed price job may take a lot of time to complete and the payment is not guaranteed. After completing the job, it’s upto the buyer if they will or how much they will pay.
Hourly job means you will be paid on per hour basis. For this, you have to download oDesk team application and install it on your computer. When you get an hourly job, you can then log in using the app and log your work hours. The app will take one screen shot of your desktop every 10 minutes and keep the record of your activity. This way your buyers can track your work progress. Hourly jobs are better because the payment is guaranteed and it will be added on your overall career.

Building your profile

In the beginning, you have to pass the odesk readiness test to get access to your odesk provider profile. Build your profile by adding your skills; get all of your works and create your portfolio; fill out details, work experience so that it looks great. Take a look at other people’s portfolio to know how a good portfolio looks like.

Getting a job on odesk

Getting job on odesk
You know, this is the hardest part of odesk. You have created a profile, applied for jobs and waited if your buyer calls you for an interview or hires you.. but nothing happenes. Getting your first job or even getting a hint on how to start is really frustrating. The main reason why people don’t hire new people because they have no work records and nothing to show on their portfolio.
Think hard.. put a few work examples on your portfolio, pass a few more relevant tests, upload a good bio photo and add more details on your profile.
Your first impression is the cover letter, write something great when you apply for a job. Try to start a job letter from scratch. Put some work examples, give them a few methods to get in touch with you, give them a reason why they will hire you?
People spent more and more months on odesk but don’t get their first jobs. Most people spend more then 6 months jobless. I’ve applied for many jobs but no results.. until I got my first assignment on odesk :)

Why odesk?

why odesk for a freelancer?
There’s a lot of marketplaces available online that can give you an online career opportunity such as GetAFreelancer, HireACoder and Guru. But I prefer odesk because it’s the one place I got into it first and I’ve already built a good work portfolio. If you’re looking for a great place to start out, then try odesk and only odesk. If you try to get work from all of these sites, you won’t get any.
Odesk have some of the great features for a provider; they pay weekly through all of the major payment methods including paypal, payoneer debit mastercard, moneybrookers and others. They have a great reputation and a bigger marketplace.
It’s better to use odesk as your default portfolio; it’s easier to manage, update and even better to get work.

Few tips for new providers

  • Don’t ever think that there’s a lot of competition in odesk. When you apply for a job, believe that you are the best among others. There’s always new opportunities and lot more work than actual providers, so be on it.
  • Try to be on all of the major communication methods such as yahoo messenger, google talk, AIM, skype and  email to make sure the buyer can reach you when they need.
  • Try to provide a solution to your buyer and if you are unable to do it, don’t keep them hanging.
  • Look for the solution and only solution.. not for the money. In your freelance career, the feedback is the most important thing to achieve.
  • Don’t set a low price on your profile; try to keep it competitive and few dollars low if you are getting started.
  • Keep connect with your buyer and send them work updates regularly.
  • It’s a good thing to build up a friendship with the buyer.. it will result further trust and work opportunities in the future.
  • If you have enough tasks in hand, don’t apply for more work.
  • It’s possible to work even more hours for more money, but please do take breaks and day offs.
  • Increase your hourly wage over time as you work more and gathered more reputation.

InfoLinks: Earn Money with text links – Get paid via Payoneer Mastercard

InfoLinks is a cool contexual advertising program for publishers like you and me who are having good content rich blogs. What’s more fun than selling words from your blog posts? For the last few months I’m using LinkWorth to monetize my blog, they added text links in my content, I didn’t even wanted to have them, it just added auto with the plugin. Now I have removed the LinkWorth contexual ads (LinkWords) to give a try to InfoLinks.
To add the links on my blog, I just installed a wordpress plugin on my site and start earning money. I can customize the color to make the links look exactly like the regular links from my blog. It offers upto 12 links per page, a good way to monetize the blog.

They offer different ways to get paid like check, paypal, wire etc and recently they have added the Payoneer prepaid debit mastercard as their payment option. That’s way cool! So I went to my account to apply for a card, where I found you can link your existing mastercard with InfoLinks. Instead of getting a new mastercard, I linked the account with my mastercard that I got from odesk. And technically it’s a wise choice, because you don’t have to pay additional monthly charge for having another card. But if you don’t have a prepaid debit card at all, then you have to apply for one.
I’ve earned $7 so far and the minimum payout is $100, so I guess have to wait a few more weeks before getting paid. You do tell me what you feel about monetizing your content with contexual ads and join InfoLinks today.

8. Earn Money Selling Banner Ads

If you build an established website/ blog, then advertisers will love to pay you to put banner ads on your website. This is called banner ads or direct income opportunities. The more traffic and link popularity you generate for your site, the more money you can earn with your website.

7. Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money Online

This is a method where you promote a product on your website/ group and when you sell it, you get the commissions. There are lots of digital and real goods available that sell well and people love to have them; you can be an affiliate and earn money as you go on. You can be an affiliate and sell goods from Amazon.

Affiliate marketing -a method to make a lot of money for bloggers

I’m familiar with this term called affiliate marketing for a long time and for more than a year I’m being experimenting with different sites and affiliate models. Right now if you ask me what is affiliate marketing, then I would say this is a method where you can make a whole lot of money online than ever.

A dummies guide on, What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply taking someone else’s product and promote them. When you make a sale, you will be provided a commission.  Different affiliate systems have different commission standards. Some pay for each click like the pay per click and some pay for every 1000 visitors. Most of them pay for a lead like a successful sales. Here both the company and the affiliate  (you) make money. Some of the high paying niches such as real estate, pay you for bringing the customers to their site not a lead recommended everytime!
When you sign up as an affiliate, you will be provided an affiliate ID or a special referral link. You have to promote the product and use the link when they sign up. When they sign up using the link, your commission will be provided to you.
Online affiliate programs pay 75% or higher per sale because here you do all of the promotion and they take care about the customer. So this is why affiliate marketing is gold in today’s online industry and everyone’s  looking forward to afft marketing methods.

90% of affiliate marketers are doing it wrong!

Yes this is true! This is what I felt while I talked with different affiliate marketers over the globe. I connected with lots of marketers from different niches; from newbie to a guru; small affiliate-rs to successful site owners. Most of the time they start with joining a course, then buying ebooks and packs full of tutorials on how to create a website and basic SEO jobs.
They end up creating a 10 page wordpress site filled with copy/ scrap content. Then bringing people through SEO. Now search engine optimization is a hard task, you know that well.. so they just buy the traffic via adwords. After spending a whole lot of money on traffic, you see some conversations (if you are so lucky!)
Now what they all are doing is faking the blogsphere. They are creating dummy blogs, so that when you land on a site for help, you will think that this is an authority blogger. They are spending a whole lot of time and money to make sure it looks real.
Don’t get excited to see the $10,000 check because that guy have spent more than $9,000 to build, maintain and promote the site.

Bloggers can be the perfect affiliate marketer

Non bloggers are paying hundreds of dollars to learn creating a wordpress site, twitter, facebook and SEO methods. We bloggers are good at this and have learned these things in practical. Stop developing a site around the product; find products that match your site and suitable for the audience.
The first time visitor doesn’t converts into a customer every time.. it takes a lot of time to build trust. Sometimes the visitor visits the site for months until he is finally convinced to buy from you.
As a blogger you don’t have to create a dummy site or post scrap content. You just do what you are doing along with promoting your affiliate. People would love to try what you have recommended and it works more than a bunch of paid visitors.

Lot more about affiliate marketing is yet to come

From now on, keep coming at BlogKori for some advanced method on affiliate marketing as a blogger. I will share some of my killer tips on afft marketing, lead generation and to build a successful online business with those methods.

6. Earn Money for your Opinion

Yes, this is the new era of money making, now you earn money for giving your opinion by writing a blog post on your weblog. Thanks to paid review sites, they pay you to write about products, websites and brands. Your opinion gives them buzz, traffic and customers. One of the popular paid review site is SocialSpark.

5. Earn Money Online with Google Adsense

To earn money using google adsense, you need a running website/ blog, read this post on how to start a blog. You must have seen billboards and ads where they claim you can earn money online $10-20/ day using adsense -THAT’S A LIE! Adsense is a legit way for money making and you earn revenue when some one clicks on your ads. Before having this status, you need to build up a content rich blog; but those suckers teach people how to build a dummy blog with copied content, it’s not real and it’s a SCAM!

4 Earn Money with your Photos

If you love photography and a good photographer, then you can sell your exclusive photos online. This is a cool concept where you earn money online by selling your photos. Designers need photos for their projects and one of your pictures can be sold to many authors. You can sell your photos on sites such as iStockPhoto.

Earn some money with your blog – Google Adsens

Now that I have covered some of the basics of blogging, now you can try out some ways to make money online with your blog. There are many ways to make money online but for the true success, you have to be patient and wait til your blog grows.
Blogging success depends on your visitors, the sort of your visitors and your technique. There are different money making techniques can be applied in blogging but the true success on each technique could be different among blogs.
 Google adsense is the most easy way to make money from your blog. You just have to add the ad codes in your blog and wait for your visitors to click on them. For each valid click, you will make an amount of money.
Now that you have understand what is adsense and how it works, go to and sign up for your free account. Fill out the required information like your name, address, website, phone number, zip code, country and other details and submit the form. Google will review your account and if they approve your account, you will get a confirmation email. This process may take 1-2 business days.
When your account is confirmed, now you are ready to add ads in your blog. You can get the ad codes from your adsense account and put it on your site but thats a messy job and I will tell this in the next update.
You can easily add, adsense via your blogger account. Just go to your blogger Dashboard and click on ‘layout.’

 Now you can add/ change items on your blogger blog. Now click ‘add a page element‘ and select ‘Adsense‘ from there and click ‘Add to blog.’
 Now all you need to have is to link your adsense account with blogger. Submit your adsense ‘User email‘, ‘Postal code‘ or ‘Phone number‘ and click ‘Sign in‘.
You will be signed in to your adsense account and there adsense will request your permission to link with blogger. Give the permission and now you can add your selected ads.
Use blogger’s nice interface to select colors of your ad. If you choose matching ads with your template, you will get more results.
  • Please remember that, you can add up to 3 ad units, one link list and 2 search bars in a single page.
  • Relevant ads will appear on your blog and you will paid for each valid clicks.
  • You cannot click your own ads in google or they will ban you.
  • Adsense earnings depends on your traffic, ad placement and click through rate, so be patient.
  • Adding less ad units on a page gives more money per click.
  • If you faced some trouble or have some question, leave a reply.

How to add the google adsense ads into your blogger blog?

Most of you know how to add the adsense ads into your blog and how to make money with it but for them who are new with it, here I’m writing how to add the ads into your blog. I think Omar got confused with his blog’s HTML code and messed up a few things. I know how it feels when you are new to HTML and when things don’t work at all.
Go to and log in. Go to ‘Adsense setup‘ and select an ad format like the ‘Adsense for content‘ -these are the basic text and image ads from google.
 Now select an add size and pick your color.
 I’m trying to add the ad in the top of the blog post and I selected 468×60 pixel format which will match my theme. Select every option and colors and now get the ad code.

2. Earn Money for Writing Articles

There are so many websites which runs on user generated content and articles. Some of these sites share the revenue with their writers. The more traffic you get for your article will earn you more money. One of the website that shares 10% google adsense revenue with their writers is called Shvoong.

1. Earn Money Online with Paid Surveys

Surveys are old concept & I think you should know about this method of money making. On a survey site, you have to to register and wait for the surveys to come; fill in the form with your opinion and that’s it! You earn money on every survey you take. Some of these sites offer paid emails where you have to send/ read emails. One of the popular and legit survey site is SurveySavvy.