Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to add the google adsense ads into your blogger blog?

Most of you know how to add the adsense ads into your blog and how to make money with it but for them who are new with it, here I’m writing how to add the ads into your blog. I think Omar got confused with his blog’s HTML code and messed up a few things. I know how it feels when you are new to HTML and when things don’t work at all.
Go to and log in. Go to ‘Adsense setup‘ and select an ad format like the ‘Adsense for content‘ -these are the basic text and image ads from google.
 Now select an add size and pick your color.
 I’m trying to add the ad in the top of the blog post and I selected 468×60 pixel format which will match my theme. Select every option and colors and now get the ad code.

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