Thursday, 26 May 2011

InfoLinks: Earn Money with text links – Get paid via Payoneer Mastercard

InfoLinks is a cool contexual advertising program for publishers like you and me who are having good content rich blogs. What’s more fun than selling words from your blog posts? For the last few months I’m using LinkWorth to monetize my blog, they added text links in my content, I didn’t even wanted to have them, it just added auto with the plugin. Now I have removed the LinkWorth contexual ads (LinkWords) to give a try to InfoLinks.
To add the links on my blog, I just installed a wordpress plugin on my site and start earning money. I can customize the color to make the links look exactly like the regular links from my blog. It offers upto 12 links per page, a good way to monetize the blog.

They offer different ways to get paid like check, paypal, wire etc and recently they have added the Payoneer prepaid debit mastercard as their payment option. That’s way cool! So I went to my account to apply for a card, where I found you can link your existing mastercard with InfoLinks. Instead of getting a new mastercard, I linked the account with my mastercard that I got from odesk. And technically it’s a wise choice, because you don’t have to pay additional monthly charge for having another card. But if you don’t have a prepaid debit card at all, then you have to apply for one.
I’ve earned $7 so far and the minimum payout is $100, so I guess have to wait a few more weeks before getting paid. You do tell me what you feel about monetizing your content with contexual ads and join InfoLinks today.


  1. I noticed that the receiver of the card is from the Philippines. How long does it take for me to receive my card if I'm from the Philippines?

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